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 Shandong Zhangqiu Daxing Paper-making Machinery Co.,Ltd is paper machine parts roller manufacturer, since establishment in 1978, we have been committed to the design and production of roller for paper industry. Now Daxing is the managering director of Shandong Light Industry Machinery Association.
 Daxing is the leading one in roller manufacture area in China, is the No.1 of  Shandong province.
    Beased on industry leader's design concepts in the world, the roller designed and manufactured by Daxing achieves perfect fit with the machinery that produced by them.
    Each set roller has been rigorously produced, tested and packaged, and also simulate the operation of the roller on the matching paper machine to ensure the normal operation.
 Based on customer's paper machine's situation also according to the roller's design and technoloy, we suggest the suitable felt and doctor blade and other matches parts to make each component's perfect fit so that achieving full play to the role of each component.
 Daxing now has a technical center, one physical and chemical analysis laboratory,6 large-scale production workshop ( 2 casting workshop, 2 machine shop, assembly workshop, product storage and distribution workshop), and more than 60 sets of all kinds of large and medium-sized processing & testing equipments. Sophisticated equipment ensure the excellent quality of the product, advanced testing equipment ensure that each product can meet international standards.
 Up to now, Daxing provides service for paper industry,steel industry, Printing and dyeing, textile, glass and other industries, business scope includes paper machine modification (aim to improve the paper machine speed, the 
paper quality, production capacity, and the most important thing - increase benefit ), felt, roller, doctor blade manufacture, also we can supply finish equipments and other paper machine parts.

 Perfect pre-sales, sales, after-sales service system, fast, stable and reliable delivery time, also customized different services scheme according to the actual production needs of customer, Daxing adhere to the heart to create a perfect customer experience.  

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