China’s Advanced Key Components of Paper Machines(II)-from Paper China

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China’s Advanced Key Components of Paper Machines(II)-from Paper China

这些装备技术,代表中国纸机关键部件水平(下) China’s Advanced Key Components of Paper Machines(II) 近年来,围绕高速、宽幅、节能、紧凑和自动化等方面,中国国产造纸机及其配套的关键部件取得明显技术进步。 In recent years, China’s homebred paper machines and key supporting co


Chinas Advanced Key Components of Paper Machines(II)


In recent years, China’s homebred paper machines and key supporting components have achieved great progress in operation speed, wire width, energy saving, compactness and automation.





4. Film transfer sizing

Based on the traditional surface sizing methods such as dip sizing and roll coating technology,

film transfer surface sizing was newly developed by China’s paper machinery suppliers, such as Shashi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd (SLMC) and Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

The modular bar film transfer equipment developed by SLMC meets the needs for paper mills to transform the dip sizing type to a film transfer sizing equipment. And modularization reduces the transformation period and expenses. Figure 4 shows an example of the transformation of Hunan Xiangjiang Paper Co., Ltd by SLMC--a 3300/600 dip sizing type to a film transfer sizing machine. Additionally, SLMC also provided Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd with a 6100/1200 bar-type film transfer sizing machine.




4  浸泡式改造为膜转移式施胶机





5. Curtain coating

Curtain coating has become a hot topic of research thanks to its outstanding features compared with the traditional blade coating and metered sizing press coating. The application of curtain coating have extended from specialty paper to other paper grades, especially the coated ivory paperboard, light-weight coated paper, kraft cardboard and

coated cardboard.

The curtain coater (Figure 5) developed by SLMC has been installed on a coating machine in China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CNPPRI), meeting the requirements for curtain coating pilot test at an operating speed of 800m/min.




5  沙市轻机和中国纸院合作的幕帘试验机



The EvenCurtain coating machine manufactured by SLMC is suitable for the paper machines with width of 880-6000mm and operating speed of 1800mm/ min. It can be applied in the coating of most types of paper grades, and meets different requirements of operating speed and coating demands. It also satisfies the use of high solid content coatings. The EvenCurtain coating is also featured with accurate coating lip straightness (±0.004mm), high polishing degree of f low channel(≤Ra0.02μm), good coating coverage, and accurate coating weight control in both cross direction(≤±0.5%) and machine direction, as well as excellent operating stability.





6. Steel Yankee dryer

When it comes to the tissue machine, cast iron Yankee dryer is now being gradually replaced by the steel Yankee dryer. Compared with iron, steel has the advantages in toughness, heat conduction and safety performance. The steel surface coated with hard alloy is much harder than cast iron. The carbide coating is able to improve the sheet quality and prolong the lifetime of dryers and maintenance cycle. It is of great signif icance for energy conservation because the cylinder thickness of the steel dryer can be reduced by about 30%, which means that the heat conducting efficiency can be increased under the same condition.


Nowadays, advanced and world-class steel Yankee dryers have been developed by some Chinese machinery suppliers, such as Shandong Xinhe Paper-making Engineering Co., Ltd and Liyang Jiangnan Dryer Manufacture Co., Ltd., which is widely applied in the paper industry of China and the globe.

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