Daxing successfully held the "Start Conference of September of foreign trade department"

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Daxing successfully held the "Start Conference of September of foreign trade department"

 Shandong Zhangqiu Daxing Paper-making Machinery Co.,Ltd successfully held the Monthly conference “Start Conference of September of foreign trade department”on September 6 th 2017

“The Spark Fire Action”

 Shandong Zhangqiu Daxing Paper-making Machinery Co., Ltd successfully held the Monthly conference “Start Conference of September of foreign trade department” on September 6th 2017, when the "fire of the stars can start a prairie fire" published 86 years and "QinyuanChun xue "published 72 years later.

 All members of International trade department participated this meeting, which held by Shandong Zhangqiu Daxing Machinery Co., Ltd and Jinan Qin Gong International Trade Company. Factory international trade soldiers PK with QinGong International Trade trusteeship soldiers, the answer will be revealed at the end of the year.

   Daxing made great progress after established 40 years, the meeting samples the second development of Daxing, it’s the second spring of Daxing too.

 The meeting identified the team's stage development goals and direction. First, company's new colleague shared and Summed up a month of learning content and the next stage of the task and direction. Second,the foreign trade team manager Qu LiHong delivered the relevant rules and incentive programs in the implementation of the project, indicating that the factory for the staff of the strong support and expectations, greatly boost morale. Then Tulsa who is a new comer of the international team brought a song called “stubborn” to show the spirit of foreign trade unyielding and adhere to the dream of determination as International trader.

  The next part is morale show of various department. High morale is the symbol of the health of enterprises to maintain long-term core competitiveness of the important benchmark. It is a spirit inspiring everyone to overcome difficulties and firm goals. This meeting can be said that important milestone on the road of development, we believe that all the members will follow the company's strategic direction Line, show their talents in the future autumn battle,keep making progress to realize dream. 

 The last step of the conference was "Boss Speech", Secretary Guo, engineer Zhu , Qin Gong gold coach Nison, speech respectively. Secretary Guo deeply depictedthe great ups and downs of the last four decades of Daxing, especially foreign trade business, how is it from small to large, from weak to strong. The engineer made a speech entitled "understand the product, understand the practical" statement, further emphasizes the importance of product knowledge to the sales staff, encourage employees to more workshop to learn more, so as to improve their own business level. Qin Gong International Business gold coach Nison Gu share Qin Gong International Group's corporate culture.As a good foreign trade people should be happy, healthy, Thanksgiving, sophisticated, wisdom, and stressed the importance of foreign trade innovation and the need.

 Finally, the general manager of the total sum to do a concise statement, spoke highly of the importance of the meeting,and stressed the company's guidelines, keeping the integrity-based, whatever to do business or conducting oneself.

 As we do something, we have to arise up and created idea, more important, we have to do according to the idea, of course we have to find ways as soon as we facing the difficulties, add our efforts to maintain and all aspects of coordination and cooperation, under the leadership of the Director Man, we will be able to sail farther and farther.

 The success of the meeting marks the official launch of our sales battle, If a thing is worth doing, it must be worth doing well ! The ultimate service, the ultimate self-demand, we believe we will be able to create new glory!

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