A.Celli Foshan is finally here

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A.Celli Foshan is finally here


A.Celli meets customers demand by opening new company branch in Foshan, China.

It has been almost 20 years since A.Celli envisioned future success of its company in Asia,  by observing the growing demand for paper and nonwovens machinery, opening its first branch office and, later, the operative A.Celli Shanghai Machinery Company in Shanghai, China.

In Spring 2019, in order to be even more competitive and to give its Asian customers the utmost attention and the best services they deserve, A.Celliopened an additional facility in the south of China. This new reality is A.Celli Foshan Technology Co. Ltd., located in Foshan, in the province of Guangdong.

The new company branch team consists of highly specialized managers and technicians, particularly focused on the market in south China, ready to offer the best of A.Celli technology, guaranteeing services, such as commercial assistance, post-sales service, additional technical support and much more to the continuously growing clientele.

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