Daxing won the award "Leading Enterprise of the Year" in JInan

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Daxing won the award "Leading Enterprise of the Year" in JInan



Shandong Daxing Machinery Co., Ltd., born and developed in Zhang Qiu,Jinan, won the award "Leading Enterprise of the Year" in the second appraisal of"Influential Top 100 Famous Enterprises and Famous Brands in Jinan” on March,21st,2021.

Since 2020, impacted by the epidemic, a large number of private enterprises have been struggling on the line of survival, while the sales income of Daxing has increased by 60% over the previous year.When it comes to 2021, Man Chenghe,president of Daxing ,is full of confidence: "The current orders have far exceeded the sales revenue of last year, and the actual completion number this year will increase by 60% compared with last year."

In 2020, Daxing has successfully engineered the rolls for the world's highest speed paper making machines and the largest width paper making machines.In the future, Daxing will make continuous efforts to engineer rolls for better paper,improved efficiency and less waste for the paper-making industry at home and abroad.


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