Shandong Daxing Machinery  Co., Ltd. In Heavy Snow Stick To Their Posts And Ensure Goods Delivery With the arrival of winter, the factory area of Shandong Daxing Machinery Co., Ltd. also ushered in a long-awaited snow.This snow, like an elegant dancer, danced gracefully in the air, bringing a
2023/12/14 17:52
The Importance And Application Of Sizing Press Rolls On Paper MachineIn the pulp manufacturing process, sizing press rolls are an important component.They play a vital role in the production of paper, affecting the quality, strength, and appearance of the paper.This article will detail the
2023/11/27 17:05
Rolls are under machining for Shanying Paper( Jilin project ), total 171 rolls for this project. 112 rolls are for Paper machine and 59 rolls are for 2 rewinder machines. Roll face length is 7450mm, and Dynamic balancing speed is 1100m/min. Want to more about these rolls and status? Please feel
2023/10/09 15:24
A.Celli Paper celebrates the start-up of the TM2-iDEAL Tissue machine.The TM2-iDEAL® Tissue machine at Yibin Paper was successfully started-up on September 15, 2018, after an intense period of installation and commissioning. The TM2 is designed for a design speed of 1800m/min, an operating speed of
2023/09/12 16:34
Recently,Daxing has been engineering six”GUIDE ROLLS ”for Russian customers.Now the rolls have been boxed and will soon be shipped to Russia.With diameter of 180mm, face length of:2835mm,Max working speed:1200m/min,and cold-resist properties,end users will find it perfect to use in their area!For
2023/09/12 16:29
Shandong Daxing Machinery Co., Ltd., born and developed in Zhang Qiu,Jinan, won the award "Leading Enterprise of the Year" in the second appraisal of"Influential Top 100 Famous Enterprises and Famous Brands in Jinan” on March,21st,2021.Since 2020, impacted by the epidemic, a large number of private
2023/09/12 16:11