Paper machine guide roll: key paper making equipmentIn the process of paper production, there are many key equipment and components, among which the paper machine guide roll is one of them.The paper machine guide roll is an important device used to control the direction and speed of paper movement
2023/11/27 21:10
Carbon fiber roller: the perfect combination of lightweight and high performance.In modern industrial production, lightweight and high performance are the goals of many products.To meet these needs, scientists continue to research and develop new materials.Among them, carbon fiber has gradually
2023/11/27 16:36
The Fourdrinier MachineThe Fourdrinier Machine is the basis for papermaking.There are four main sections used in the Fourdrinier Machine. In order to make paper the pulp has to be prepared from trees, which need to have the bark removed.Pulp preparationsThe four Sections of the paper machine are:1
2023/09/12 16:47
Trial run of suction couch rollAfter the installation of suction couch roll and fully inspected, it can do trial run without loading from the low-speed to high-speed under the condition of meeting the installation quality requirements, connecting water, gas and compressed air and ensuring the
2023/09/12 16:43