Yibin Paper starts up tissue paper machine at its mill in China

2023/09/12 16:34

A.Celli Paper celebrates the start-up of the TM2-iDEAL Tissue machine.

The TM2-iDEAL® Tissue machine at Yibin Paper was successfully started-up on September 15, 2018, after an intense period of installation and commissioning. The TM2 is designed for a design speed of 1800m/min, an operating speed of 1600 m/min, and an untrimmed roll width of 2850 mm.

The scope of supply for the tissue machine consists of an Approach Flow system, a complete set of Cresent Former tissue machines, a MCS control system, an Air system and a Dust Removal system.

The start-up and subsequent running-in all went smoothly. Yibin expressed great satisfaction with the result and were also very praising of A.Celli’s professional work.

The TM2 which was successfully started-up was the first in a big order for five sets of iDEAL® Tissue machines. The remaining four sets are scheduled to be started up by the end of 2018.By that time, the production capacity of tissue paper will be 120,000 tons/year.

Congratulations to both A.celli and Yibin Paper, at the same time,we Shandong Daxing Machinery is proud of being roller supplier of this project.

The forming roll,guide roll,and reel drum are manufactured and supplied by Shandong Daxing Machinery.

 Yibin Paper starts up tissue paper machine at its mill in China

Also appreciate Nicola Tuccori’s great work,who is the quality controller at A.celli group.Thanks to your guidance and help of our works.It’s really kind of you.

We are fortunate to be the roller supplier for the next five paper machines,we will continue to do our work with quality and quantity as always. At the same time, thanks to A.celli Group for their recognition and support of our company.

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