PVDF Coating Canvas Roll Of Paper Machine

Use of premium PVDF materials

Leading coating technology

Longer lifetime than chromed ones

High resistance of corrosion and heat

Competitive prices

Easy & cheap for maintenance

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With the continuous development and improvement of PVDF material, it is also widely used in pape-making industry.For its excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it is gradually becoming the preferred coating material for the guide rolls on paper machines.


Compared with the chromed guide rolls commonly used in the drying section, the guide rolls with PVDF coating have longer service life, more stable performance, and more environmentally- friendly production and maintenance.


At present, large paper mills at home and abroad, such as Nine Dragons, Lee Man, APP, SCG, their first-line factories  are widely using PVDF coated guide rolls.


As a leading manufacturer of paper machine rolls, Daxing is committed to creating sustainable value for the paper industry with less pollution and maintenance costs.At present, the PVDF guide rolls of Daxing are serving the paper mills and paper machinery factories at home and abroad. Daxing will continue to make efforts to provide the paper industry with better quality and more cost-effective PVDF guide rolls!


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