Vac Roll

Daxing Dryer Vac Roll

1: Optimized Dryer Section Runnability

2: For High Speed Paper Machine

3: For Better and Smooth Running of Paper Machine

4: Reliable and Excellent Design for Optimal Web Support

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Product Details

Daxing Dryer Vac Roll for High Speed Paper Machine

Product name Vac roll 
Diameter range 700-1250mm
Face lenh range 3000-14000mm
Work speed 2800mpm 
Our performance The Vac roll in Dryer section normally is a grooved and drilled and used in the individual felt dryer section of high-speed paper machines. Air is sucked in through the holes on the roller shell, creating negative pressure in the grooves. Negative pressure keeps the paper in contact with the fabric, preventing operational issues such as paper shaking. The generated support effect is optimized to be the highest on the curling edge, thereby improving paper edge support and achieving reliable tail threading. By using Daxing's dryer vacuum roll, you can ensure that the dryer section has good operational performance.
Our capacity : Daxing has more than 70 sets of large-scale processing and testing equipment, 11 sets of processing equipment that can process roller surface 12 meters, and the maximum processing length can reach 16 meters. Excellent equipment ensures excellent product quality, and advanced testing equipment and management concept ensure that each set of roller shaft can meet international standards.

We can design the Vac roll base on customer demand ,supply the high quality Vac roll .

Vac Roll




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