Suction Box Of Suction Roll

Suction box of suction roll 

1:Can manufacture the suction box base on customer drawing .

2:Can supply measure onsite service .

3:High precision machining lethes process .

4:And provide suitable raw materials and design to customer

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Product Details

Suction box is a component composition of the sution roll (suction couch roll ,suction press roll, suction pick up roll ).The suction box material normally in stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 316 L base on customer demand . We can produce base on customer drawing , we also can supply onsite measure service . We have the CNC machining center ,can process the suction box in high percision .The suction roll Widely used in the tissue paper machine ,kraft machine and all kinds of high speed machine . We can supply the high quality and the max performance suction box for customer .

Our processing capability :

CNC gantry machining centers,Range:Max length12000mm Max width3000mm.

CNC heavy Grinding Machine ,Max load: 50T,Range:Max Dia1850mm,Max length14000mm.Able to grind face length 12500mm.

Deep-hole  Boring lathe,Total length 30 meter,Able to bore Φ 160-800mm tube,Able to bore 11900mm long tube.

Deep-hole  Boring lathe,Able to bore Φ 800-1850mm tube,Able to bore 11900mm long tubeCNC machine CKD61160L several sets Range:Max Dia 1600mm,Max length 12000mm .

cnc machine

Following ISO 9001 Quality Management system.

Following ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management system.

Following ISO 14001 Environmental Management system.

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package package

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Our patent :

Our patent :

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