Bow Roll

We are a manufacturer of high-speed and stable bow rolls.

The smooth operation and spreader of paper cannot be separated from the function of the stretching roller, and long-term stable operation at high speed has become an important challenge for the bow roll.

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Product Details

Bow roll for size press part 

Type of Bow Roll:

Fixed bow height

Adjusted bow height

Bow roll with Chrome plated or not 

Bow roll with Rubber sleeve

Bow roll with teflon

Range of Bow Roll:

Dia Range:105mm-420mm;

Max Length:10000mm

Max working speed: 2600m/min


1:Chromium plated bow roll is the most common and cost-effective type in the market, which improves the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the roller through chromium plating.

2: Spraying tungsten carbide can increase the hardness of the roller surface, enhance corrosion resistance, and is superior to chromium plating.

3: Bow roll with rubber sleeve is generally used after the sizing machine.

4: The rubber bow roller and Teflon sleeve can enhance the anti sticking ability of the roller surface.

5: Customize curved rollers according to customer usage conditions.

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Exhibition Pictures:


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