Lead In Roll For Paper Rewinder

Lead In Roll for Paper Rewinder

A tube rolls with good performance is crucial for the operation of a paper machine.

High reliability and easy maintenance in the event of accidents are also important requirements for these rolls.

To meet these special needs, high-precision tube rollers with optional quick replacement heads have been developed.

Dynamic Balance In Accordance With ISO1940 Standards 

Quality Grades G1.0, G1.6 and G2.5

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Product Details

Lead in rolls for paper rewinder machine with high speed ,for tissue paper ,krafte paper and so on ,

Product Information:

Lead in rolls

Manufacturing Standard

Shell in seamless steel pipe or 

rolled and welded steel plate

Bulkhead in HT250 or QT500-7

Journal in 42Crmo or Forged 42Crmo

Bearing housing in QT500-7 or ZG35 or Stainless steel

Grease or thin oil lubrication

Rubber cover or Chromed plating

Supply limits

Max Diameter: 1000mm

Max Face length: 14000mm

Max Balancing speed: 2500m/min

With Center dynamic deflection testing

We can supplly all the rewinder machine rolls , like the reel spool ,reel drum ,winder roll ,and rider roll .

We can desgin as your demand ,and can produce as customer drawing .

 Roll for Paper Rewinder


Lead In Roll for Paper Rewinder

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