Carbon Fiber Roll

Carbon Fiber roll, different using for different industries;

Design according to customer's using;

Reliable design and manufacture;


1.Lighter weight: Improved safety

Roll replacement workability greatly improves, contributing to improved safety.

2.Lower inertia: Reduced running costs

Stable transport is achieved with thin material and low tensile force, and reduced drive energy helps reduce cost.

3.Low deflection: Improved product quality

Stable base material transport improves product quality.

4.High rpm: Improved productivity

While high rotational control is maintained, the critical speed is increased.

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Product Details

Carbon fiber roll has about ten times strength of iron, while its specific weight is about one-fourth that of iron.

Carbon Fiber 


Manufacturing Standard

Shell in carbon fiber

Bulkhead in HT250 or Aluminium

Journal in 42Crmo or Forged 42Crmo

Bearing housing in QT500-7 or ZG35 or Stainless steelGrease or thin oil lubrication

Supply limits

Max Diameter: 1000mm

Max Face length: 14000mm

Max Balancing speed: 2500m/min

With Center dynamic deflection testing

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