Vacuum Couch Roll Of Tissue Paper Machine

Vauum couch roll for tissue paper machine 

1:Working speed above 1500m/min;

2:Suitable and Premium Shell Material and Covering;

3:   Gun Drilling

4:Internal spray for flushing perforations;

5:Temperature Sensor for internal bearing;

6:Vibration Diagnostics Sensors for all bearings;

7:Best Chinese Suction Roll Design and Manufacturing;

8:Advanced Storage and Operating &Maintenance Instructions for vacuum Suction  Rolls;

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Product Details

Vacuum couch roll is one of the main parts for fourdrinier dehydration and transmission of paper machine. The roller shell of vacuum couch roll designed by our company is made by precision machining with SUS304/316 stainless steel rolling. The roller surface openings are arranged into a double helix, the opening rate is more than 60%, effectively improving the strength and dewater evenness of the roller shell. Special seal has good self-lubrication and wear-resisting performance. The inner vacuum chamber is welded with SUS304/316 stainless steel plate, the bottom of the vacuum chamber is equipped with nylon rding wheel, easy for installation and disassembly. Vacuum couch roll is used in the fourdriner, to effectively reduce water content of wet paper, to improve the wet paper web strength and to decrease the wer paper web breakage rate, which will improve the operation efficiency of paper machine.


Daxing's Vacuum Couch roll can disign as customer's need. And provide suitable raw materials and suction couch roll design to customer.

Daxing will strictly following confirmed drawings and technical specification during manufacturing.

Daxing produce roll since 1978 year .

Product Name

suction couch 

Working face




Center distance


Suction width


Drill hole diameter


 Tissue Paper Machine



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